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Mission Statement


Beechgrove Elementary Mission Statement

Our mission at Beechgrove Elementary is to prepare life-long learners who are productive, responsible citizens in our society.  All children will have an equitable education in a safe, positive learning environment that focuses on instruction.

We believe:

  • Students, community and parental involvement are important
  • Students will develop a strong academic foundation
  • Students will develop appropriate social skills
  • Students will develop appropriate physical skills and become “health aware” individuals with healthy lifestyles
  • Students will be respectful of the environment and the world around them
  • Student will have strong dignity and self-worth



District-Wide Goals

•        5 Star School District Demonstrating Student Success

•        Every School 5 Star

•        Transition Readiness Rate (CCR) 95%

•        ACT 22

•        Graduation Rate 95%

•        Attendance 96.25%

•        Students Reading on Grade Level Exiting 3rd-95%

•        Beginning in early elementary (primary), ALL students will participate

in at least one activity providing a meaningful connection to school beyond the regular classroom

•        Remain fiscally solvent/efficient